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About Us

As a manufacturer of interior products, you’re constantly trying to design/make/market/sell products more effectively.
The good news is that all of us here at Design Analytics are working to help you do just that, be more effective,
and we have tools to help you achieve greater success.

Our Clients

Market Analytics

Will help you understand what brands and products (even visual and technical parameters of products like color and thickness) are being specified most often by your target customers.

Project Analytics

Will help you identify the most relevant opportunities for your product category, by territory and segment.

Product Listings

We can pull products directly from your website. If you would like your brand listed on Designer Pages,
shoot us an email at

Featured on

Sponsored Product Placement puts your product at the top of search results when design professionals search for the type of product you offer, from task chairs to modular carpet and pendant lights.

Designer Pages Media

Market yourself within one of the most influential editorial platforms for design professionals, covering products industry news and projects. Promote a new product, gain traction for a new promotion, or build brand recognition.

Product Trends Newsletter

Land directly in subscribers’ inboxes every day - lists range from 5k to 75k designer professionals
and enthusiasts depending on newsletter type.


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CEO, Design Analytics
VP, The Blue Book


Key People

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Database Analyst
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Client Services Manager
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